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The perfect role..


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  1. jamie
    Sep 25, 2009 @ 22:24:44

    he is hot i love him so much i went to see him in real life.


  2. jamie
    Sep 25, 2009 @ 22:25:49

    he is my fan.


  3. li love only edward
    Sep 28, 2009 @ 17:05:58

    edward no one can LOVE u more than me


  4. lilian
    Sep 30, 2009 @ 21:34:55

    ya espero con ancias el
    extreno de luna nueva …….
    bueno saludos a todo el
    elenco bye se cuidan


  5. bruna rafaela
    Oct 02, 2009 @ 11:23:53

    muuuiitooo lindoooooooooooo adoreiiiiiii




  6. jemma hammond
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 13:34:03

    i love your film it is well good i am gonna go and watch twlight the moon one coz it looks well good me and all me m8s think you are cute lol cya x x


  7. Samantha Patterson
    Oct 23, 2009 @ 14:35:13

    i love twilight i cant wait ontill new moon comes out it is the best. i love Edward Cullen. i like all the people that are in twilight the book is really good to. i like new moon i am ready it. it is so good.


  8. jaresa
    Nov 12, 2009 @ 13:53:17

    i love u so much edward cullen


  9. sandra
    Nov 21, 2009 @ 03:22:55

    te amooooooo

    ojala q al gundia
    q emoziionn

    seriala primera


  10. danielle
    Nov 21, 2009 @ 18:39:35

    i absolutely love the movie edward cullen is sexy


  11. jessica
    Nov 21, 2009 @ 22:07:31

    hiya edward i am a big fan of yourz and u r really hot in the twilight and the twilight saga new moon and i love every thing about the new film i went to see it the film 2day it was fantastic and it was really gd 2 watch and i would go and watch it 2day and i cnt wait 4 the third film 2 cme out and the end bit was really gd whn bella wanted 2 be a vampare and only on one condision that bella to marrie you and i think you will because u make a great couple in the film and your family loves bella and i hope you last for ever and ever

    from your biggest fan jessica newton xxxxxxxxxx


  12. gabrielle
    Nov 23, 2009 @ 12:59:53

    i love twiligt and i am so on team edward


  13. alisha
    Nov 25, 2009 @ 12:47:22

    hey edward u r an awesome actor………… n u r vry coollll……..


  14. kristine
    Nov 28, 2009 @ 13:25:53

    hello! I’m cris from spain! my enlish i not very well,but i want to say you 1 thing yo are very cute Edward!
    I want to speak with you!!!

    by: cris


  15. tuqa
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 16:53:39

    edward cullen i LOVE YOU you are a 100 times better then jacob black and i love yooooooooooooooooooooooooou <3<3<3<3<3<3<3


  16. alicia
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 16:54:33

    omG i need to have him he so freakinq cute i swear awwwwwww


  17. cheyanne
    Dec 03, 2009 @ 16:30:22

    hey edward i just finished reading twlight i love it so much maybe u could turn me nto a vampire with u lol ๐Ÿ™‚ is all good but holla bak atcha gurl


  18. dean cikz fb me:)
    Jan 25, 2010 @ 11:59:36

    dena – awww i luv u xxxx


  19. sophie
    Jan 30, 2010 @ 18:32:59

    he’s so hot (L) I wan’t thats he is my man (L) xxxxx sophie


  20. Stephanie
    Jun 06, 2010 @ 17:32:03

    Edwar looks soo CUTE!! Great job!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  21. fatima khan
    Jun 11, 2010 @ 10:12:14

    he iz awwwwwwwwwwwwsome……………………………………… i luv him


  22. laaa
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 23:54:31

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mi edward cullen ( robert pattinson )esta zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz super sexi ajjajajaj
    hay papasito zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz esos labios tan zzzzzzzzz sabrosos q se le ven se antojan jajaja
    sale adios a tonos jajaj
    I love edward cullen ( robert pattinson)
    lo amo esta super sexi jajjajaja


  23. Nahom Twilover edward
    Jun 26, 2010 @ 09:37:48

    wwoooww amazing pic i like i love it i love edward sooo much he is everything for me TEAM EDWRAD TEAM ROBERT 4EVER 4LIFE……! he should be with bella 4ever….!


  24. mamis13
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 19:13:00

    colen te adoro eres el mejor te amo estas guapisimo y e visto todas tus peliculas en todas eres el mejor te amo


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